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We want every provider and business professional to lead the lives we do. We know the QC Kinetix franchise program can bring a better quality of life and sense of fulfillment. We are living proof. Let us help you grow your own medical practice franchise.

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We want you to have the quality of life you deserve …as you improve the quality of life of your patients. QC Kinetix has given us a way to do that, and as you join our team, we will help you achieve the same. We will be there from the moment you make the decision to open your clinic, and every day thereafter.
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  • You will receive advice on selecting and building out your clinic space to match QC Kinetix specifications and requirements, based on established best practices.
  • You and your co-owner, lead medical staff and/or clinic manager will complete a comprehensive initial franchise training program at our corporate headquarters to ensure you are confident and ready to launch your operations.
  • You will receive hands-on on-site support the day you launch to help ensure get you started on the right foot.
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  • You will receive guidance through continuing education and events provided by QC Kinetix leadership.
  • You will benefit from on-site clinic review visits from the QC Kinetix support team.
  • You will take advantage of professional marketing support, including branded templates, shared online presence, and guidance on local marketing campaigns, to build awareness and keep your medical franchise practice visible in your community.
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  • You will have access to the QC Kinetix Confidential Operations Manual, detailing important operational procedures, reporting, equipment maintenance, marketing, patient services, and more for effective operations of your medical practice franchise.
  • You will leverage pre-approved technology tools and systems to keep back of house operations running smoothly.
  • You can utilize to top-grade medical equipment from fully vetted suppliers, to provide the latest in regenerative medicine treatments.

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“Amazing alternative to surgery! I recommend QC Kinetix to everyone. They are extremely knowledgeable, genuine, and efficient. Before you choose to have surgery; check out their website, schedule a consultation and see what else is out there!”

– Tamara B., Facebook

“I came in with a torn rotator cuff, could hardly move my arm. Now, after four months at QC Kinetix I have full range of motion.”

– Anthony, video testimonial

“I was unable to walk more than five minutes without stopping from pain. After my first round of treatment, and by my two-month follow up, I was able to walk my dog without pain in my hips. I am a happy girl!”

– Patient, video testimonial